GE CR123C Series NEMA Rated Overload Heaters

GE CR123C Series NEMA Rated Overload Heaters
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GE CR123C Series NEMA Rated Overload Heater

  • For Full-Voltage Magnetic Starters
  • Rated for NEMA Size 00-2 & 5-9

CR123C048A(C048A), CR123C054A (C054A), CR123C060A (C060A), CR123C078A (C078A), CR123C087A (C087A), CR123C097A (C097A), CR123C104B (C104B), CR123C109A (C109A), CR123C113B (C113B), CR123C118A (C118A), CR123C125B (C125B), CR123C131A (C131A), CR123C137B (C137B), CR123C148A (C148A), CR123C151B (C151B), CR123C163A (C163A), CR123C163B (C163B), CR123C180B (C180B), CR123C184A (C184A), CR123C196A (C196A), CR123C198B (C198B), CR123C214B (C214B), CR123C220A (C220A), CR123C228B (C228B), CR123C239A (C239A), CR123C250B (C250B), CR123C268A (C268A), CR123C273B (C273B), CR123C301A (C301A), CR123C303B (C303B), CR123C326A (C326A), CR123C330B (C330B), CR123C356A (C356A), CR123C366B (C366B), CR123C379A (C379A), CR123C400B (C400B), CR123C419A (C419A), CR123C440B (C440B), CR123C460B (C460B), CR123C466A (C466A), CR123C500B (C500B), CR123C526A (C526A), CR123C550B (C550B), CR123C592A (C592A), CR123C600B (C600B), CR123C630A (C630A), CR123C695A (C695A), CR123C778A (C778A), CR123C867A (C867A), CR123C955A (C955A)

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GE CR123C Series NEMA Rated Overload Heaters

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